Bible has science

Today there are those that say the Christians, all Christians are superstitious and follow after magic fairy tales from a book called the Bible. Great many Christians are not helping the case by being closed minded to science in an age when science and technology are advancing at high speed. Thing is the Bible has a great deal of science proofs in like the stars are singing together, which is true because stars make radio waves that can be heard. Another part the Bible speaks of lightning saying “here I am” which do I dare say ironic since light is radio waves that we use to talk on the radios and phones of today. There are many more but that can be talked of another time. There have been people of the Christian leaning one way or another over the centuries that put forth theories very possible in the science circles of thought but to often the atheist takes it for themselves to say proof of no god is in the theories. The theory of Big Bang was put forth by a Catholic priest named Georges Lemaître and now days the theory is still used but not keeping in mind creative design, no, by saying that physics is brought forth by nothing. Thing is, the limiting of thinking in a godless box is damaging to science. The healthy and responsible scientist should have a balanced faith in both for one is not without the other.